Our innovative, patent-protected biological products help growers to protect their crops from stress and diseases, and to produce higher quality fruit and vegetables in an environmentally sustainable manner while maintaining compatibility with mainstream agricultural practices.


Plant Health Care’s Commercial business is driven by sales of Harpinαβ, a recombinant protein which acts as a powerful biostimulant, promoting the yield and quality of crops, and PHC279, a novel harpin-derived peptide that amplifies a plant’s natural defense against a range of diseases, increasing plant health and yield. A number of our important brands are shown below.

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Cost-effective products for sustainable agriculture

  • Harpinαβ is sold as H2Copla into sugar cane in Brazil, through Coplacana, the largest distributor of inputs for this crop. Sales in Brazil sugarcane continued to grow under challenging conditions throughout 2022. Overall, our Brazil business more than doubled in 2022, with revenue up 104%
  • The Group received registration for Harpinαβ in Argentina for use in corn and soybeans in August 2021 with first year sales through our partner TROPFEN S.A. occurring in the 2022 cropping season.
  • During the first year of commercial sales of Saori, the Company experienced a sell-out of the entire inventory for application to soybean seeds by our partner Sementes Goiás Ltda - Nutrien, resulting in 205k bags of treated soybean seed.

  • North America experienced its best year in Group history, with continued strong performance of our Employ® product in fruits, nuts, vegetables and row crops through Wilbur-Ellis and our pre-plant seed treatment for corn (Fastand®) through the second largest distributor in the US. Overall, revenue was up 74% to $4.8m compared to 2021.
  • In corn, farmers apply Fastand to the seed prior to planting; the crop comes up stronger and taller and better able to resist stress such as drought. Higher yields result.
            • In Spain, the UK and parts of Europe, Harpinαβ is sold as ProAct AA and under other brands, where sales into fruit, vegetables crops and turf reached $1.3 million in 2022.
            • In the UK, Harpin αβ is sold through Headland, a major distributor supplying to the professional turf market. Many leading golf courses and football fields are greener and more resilient to abiotic stress as a result.
            • In 2023, Agrii began distributing Innocul8™ in the UK. Innocul8™ is broad-spectrum PREtec-containing plant health and yield promoting biostimulant for use on cereals and specialty crops.
            • An agreement was signed with EDAF Unipessoal LDA Portugal to distribute our new PREtec-containing fertilizer, PREzym™, for use on fruits, vegetables and cereals beginning in 2023.
            • In India, an exclusive distribution agreement was reached with Novozymes South Asia Pvt. for the distribution of Harpinαβ for use on sugar cane beginning in 2024 after regulatory approval.
            • Plant Health Care Mexico sells a range of sustainable products to farmers in Mexico with revenue up 13% to $3.4m compared to 2021. Harpin αβ represented 16% of sales in 2022, with third-party products making up the remainder.
            • Plant Health Care Mexico employs a staff of 16, including sales and technical specialists in the field, selling to retailers throughout the country.
            • Expansion of sales in the agave crop, in the expanding avocado market and in sugar cane point towards further growth in 2023.