Plant Health Care maintains a rigorous approach to Governance and is committed to a transparent, fair and ethical environment for all of those working with or investing in our company. Our Board is designed to deliver top quality Governance. The Board is committed to the continuous diversification and development of its membership and will seek to identify candidates with particular competencies in Corporate Governance, Investor Relations and Remuneration.

We have strong risk and crisis management systems in place, which stood up well during the COVID pandemic and the impact of Brexit. They continue to be actively reviewed and developed as we move forward. Across our supply chain we have established strong partnerships, selecting organisations reflecting our values and reputational standards. As we continue to expand our work across the globe, this is of paramount importance. Our reporting internally and externally to shareholders is regular and clear, providing the opportunity to engage and vote on key issues, where necessary. Our accounting and reporting standards are independently verified.

At the direction of the Board, a global Sustainability Leadership Team was established during 2022. Led by a senior member of the management team, the SLT is charged with identifying, prioritizing, and implementing new initiatives to promote sustainability across the three ESG pillars in all the regions in which the company operates. The SLT presents new initiatives for review and approval by the company’s Executive Committee and, as appropriate, to the board.

We have a full Code of Conduct, developed and flexed for multiple markets, and share an Employee Handbook with our new hires. The Anti-bribery & Corruption policy were thoroughly reviewed and updated during the year and a social media policy has been implemented.

Health and safety

Accidents are thankfully rare at PHC, and this is primarily due to our dedication to health and safety. We provide online safety training modules to our office personnel and in-person safety training to those in the field. We report to our Board quarterly on our accident rate. In 2023, we had no reportable accidents and are committed to maintaining this trend.