Major global challenges are driving a significant and urgent transformation in how we grow and distribute food. Farming is faced with increased demand as the population grows to 10 billion, in parallel with a simultaneous decrease in arable land on which to grow crops, and the need to safeguard the environment for future generations.

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At Plant Health Care, our mission is at the heart of this challenge: supporting agricultural production for growers providing food, fiber and energy for the world’s population. We know that reliable access to affordable, nutritious food is becoming more of a priority for businesses and governments worldwide and this challenge is made more difficult with challenges from climate change, nature-related risks and geopolitical instability. Based on the World Economic Forum’s 2021-22 Global Risks, many of the top 10 risks identified could have an impact on food security, including extreme weather, biodiversity loss, infectious diseases and geoeconomic confrontation. Our role is to support growers as they confront food security issues in order to feed the world’s growing population. Sustainable, long-term approaches that support positive environmental and social outcomes are vital.

Plant Health Care believes in sustainability, both for the products we sell and how we operate. With a unique combination of low-cost, proven products and very strong market access, Plant Health Care is well positioned to succeed in a market driven increasingly by long-term sustainability. As an alternative to the application of toxic chemicals to plants, our products act via activation of plants’ natural defenses against diseases and multiple types of environmental stress for major row crops and specialty crops, leading to higher yields, enhanced shelf-life, and reduced waste.

The PHC Sustainability Leadership Team (SLT) has worked company-wide to build sustainability practices and culture. Focusing initially on the three ESG pillars of Sustainability (Environmental, Social Responsibility, Governance), the SLT initially conducted a survey of sustainable practices in place in our regional offices to identify best-practices that could be adopted across all global sites. In parallel, the SLT solicited potential new initiatives that promote sustainability from our global colleagues. By making sustainability a company-wide mission, we have embedded sustainability into our culture and brought all our colleagues along with us on this ongoing sustainability journey. In the following pages, we share our achievements and our commitment to promote the three ESG pillars of Sustainability.