Next steps

PHC is rapidly advancing its ESG strategy and creating a culture incorporating sustainability in everything we do.

As a company developing inherently sustainable products which address long-term global challenges around food security, environmental protection, and grower well-being, we can be proud of our underlying commitment to environmental, social and governance issues. Our progress at implementing the ESG pillar approach to sustainability demonstrates our commitment to this valuable undertaking. We welcome feedback from our stakeholders as we continue our journey towards a more sustainable future.

While we do not expect every ESG initiative to be successful, we are keen to test multiple ideas to see which work best at PHC. We look forward to accelerating our sustainability journey and to reporting on our activities. Below are some of the ideas we will be pursuing during 2024 and beyond.


  • Reduce business travel where possible
  • Maximize use of internal recycling programs
  • Increase our use of sustainably sourced materials
  • Explore carbon-offset/carbon-credit programs
  • Integrate our products into partners’ sustainable agriculture demonstration programs


  • Review our charitable donations approach with an aim of increasing giving to charities in line with our values
  • Continue the Employee Day of Service, supporting our colleagues to participate in volunteer opportunities with a specific focus on food-oriented opportunities such as foodbank drives
  • Focused planning for career growth and expanded job-skills training to prepare employees to assume new roles within the company and learn new skills
  • Optimize employee benefits programs to serve employees’ need
  • Explore Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to ensure our people feel welcomed and empowered in the workplace


  • Establish a whistleblower channel or program
  • Anticipate new sustainability-related reporting requirements and ensure that Plant Health Care continues to comply with existing reporting requirements