Biological products -
a growing opportunity

Farmers confront many challenges in providing food for a rapidly growing and more prosperous world. These challenges include reducing the use of potentially harmful agrochemical products. Biological products are becoming an increasingly important part of the solution because of the benefits they offer.

Compared to conventional agrochemicals, biological products tend to be:

  • less toxic, with fewer environmental concerns
  • safer for farmers to handle; and
  • more consistent with sustainable agriculture.

In addition to these advantages, biologicals such as Plant Health Care’s range of products can promote more efficient agriculture through:

  • protecting plants from stress such as drought;
  • helping plants to resist disease;
  • increasing resistance to soil pests; and
  • increasing the uptake and use of key nutrients.

As a result of these advantages, regulatory authorities around the world are adopting accelerated regulations, which allow biological products to come to market more quickly than conventional agrochemicals. In addition, biological products tend to cost far less to develop than conventional agrochemicals.

The demand for biological products is increasing rapidly as a result.