New technology

Innatus 3G was our first platform. It delivers a range of disease and yield benefits to growers and has amassed the most comprehensive database of compelling crop use-cases in the Group’s testing and in tests conducted by partners. It has been under evaluation with four of the top global agricultural/seed companies.

Field testing and other technical evaluation of these platforms is well advanced. Our 3G peptides are designed to be combined with standard crop protection applications through both seed treatment and foliar applications to improve plant health and increase crop yields.

T-Rex 3G is a platform developed to protect crop plants against pest nematodes. It also shows good effects in limiting the loss of yield caused by drought stress. Y-Max 3G behaves as a biostimulant, promoting vigour and yield by regulating growth genes in the plant. As a biostimulant, Y-Max 3G has the potential to be registered very quickly in the USA on a state-by-state basis and will appeal to that segment of the industry focusing on the development and marketing of crop biostimulants. T-Rex 3G and Y-Max 3G were introduced to selected partners in the latter part of 2016.

We are in the early stages of development of our 4G peptide platform. This platform entails the incorporation of genetic sequences in the plant enabling it to express peptides internally, thereby gaining the benefits of improved disease control and abiotic stress tolerance without the need to apply PREtec to the surface of the plant.

PREtec: Moving from platforms to products

Many peptide variants possible within each platform: Focus on lead peptides