Our growth strAtegy

Our future growth will be achieved by focusing on the following key areas:


Increasing sales of existing
commercial products

We intend to drive revenue in the short term in our Commercial business, focusing on products based on Harpin αβ. We plan to grow in crops where Harpin αβ provides the most benefits to farmers. Launches in 2018 and 2019 into very large arable crop opportunities, including sugarcane, corn and soybeans will accelerate revenue growth. Sales growth will also continue in a range of fruit and vegetable crops such as citrus, tomatoes and potatoes.


Licensing of PREtec platforms:
Innatus 3G, T-Rex 3G and Y-Max 3G

Our partners have been evaluating our peptide platforms since 2016. With partners continuing to evaluate these platforms in many crops and countries, we aim to license our PREtec technology by crop and geography over several years. We are also exploring faster routes to market through direct sales to distributors in certain countries.


Commercialisation of PREtec

Plant Health Care has a unique understanding of PREtec, which will be important for developing and commercialising products from its platforms. Our capacity to develop cost-effective production processes and our skill in achieving fast-track registrations will enable accelerated market launches soon after first registrations are granted. Our extensive experience of the platforms will enable us to mine our platforms for further peptides over time.


Continuing to develop further
peptide platforms

Patent filings cover the various PREtec peptide designs and their use, including for a further peptide platform, beyond the three already under evaluation by partners. We expect to discover more platforms over time.


Our research and development process

  • Discovery
  • Characterisation
  • Partner evaluation
  • Product development