H2Copla Launch in partnership with Coplacana in Brazil

Date: 03/09/18

Plant Health Care, Inc. and Coplacana are pleased to announce the launch of H2Copla for the sugarcane market in Brazil.

H2Copla, which contains Plant Health Care’s patented Harpin αβ technology, will be marketed and sold exclusively on sugarcane in Sao Paulo state by Coplacana, a leading cooperative in Sao Paulo state of Brazil for 70 years. Plant Health Care’s Harpin αβ technology has been extensively tested in sugarcane in Brazil and in other parts of the world and provides consistent yield increases.

H2Copla works by improving sugarcane’s plant vigor, resulting in increased yields, potentially as much as 10 MT per hectare or 12% for the grower*. H2Copla has a very favorable human and environmental safety profile.

Jeff Tweedy, Commercial Head for Plant Health Care, commented: “We are excited about the launch of H2Copla for applications to sugarcane in Brazil. This is an excellent opportunity for Plant Health Care to access the sugarcane market in Brazil. Coplacana has a significant presence in Sao Paulo State and is a trusted partner with great resources to reach the grower”.

About Plant Health Care:

Plant Health Care is a leading provider of novel patent-protected biological products to global agriculture markets. The Company’s ordinary shares have been quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) of the London Stock Exchange since July 2004. Plant Health Care has global reach through operating subsidiaries and supply agreements with major industry partners. For more information, please visit www.planthealthcare.com.

For further information, please contact:

Jeff Tweedy

Commercial Head, Americas
Email: jtweedy@planthealthcare.com
Mobile: 336-392-5745

* Results based on field trials conducted on sugarcane in Brazil on behalf of Plant Health Care in 2017.