Technologies and Products That Benefit Agriculture

Plant Health Care offers biologically based products to improve the health, vigor, and yield of major field crops such as corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, and tobacco, as well as specialty crops such as fruits, vegetables and citrus.

Many of these products use Harpin Protein Technology to trigger growth and self-defense mechanisms within the plants, stimulating more robust plant health and fruiting, which increases yield. Another effect of Harpin is a reduction in nematode eggs and juvenile populations among plant roots.

Plant Health Care Myconate products, including new field crop seed treatments now in development, are soil amendments that are proven to help many crops produce better yields. Based on a naturally occurring signaling compound, Myconate works by stimulating the colonization of plant roots by beneficial microorganisms called mycorrhizal fungi. With more mycorrhizal fungi at work, each plant can draw more nutrients and moisture out of the soil, strengthening plant health.